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Cooling towers waste billions of gallons of water every year in blow down. Most of that water contains toxic chemicals that are dumped into our streams, lakes, oceans and wastewater treatment plants.

AOPureTM is offering a revolutionary treatment system that can eliminate this wasteful process and at the same time control of  LEGIONELLA BACTERIA.  See the 3rd party validation study conducted by CTE in Canada.


Help your company become more Sustainable, more Environmentally Friendly and safer. Our revolutionary process provides a solution IN the water FROM the water. The unique and innovative AOPureTMInsitu AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) creates a powerful mix of oxidants using an electrochemical process to separate the hydrogen and oxygen atoms that make up water. In the presence of a precious metal catalyst the hydrogen and oxygen are reformed into a mix of Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, Nascent Oxygen, OH radicals, HO radicals etc. to form the Advanced Oxidation Process. This mix is the most powerful biocide and oxidizer available. It is an especially powerful biocide created at the nanobubble level giving at least a 72 hour residual at 122 degrees F. It is powerful enough to eliminate most if not all biofilm in cooling towers and chillers. It is completely eco-friendly and more effective than adding chemicals. The oxidants formed by the AOPureTM system are 3000 times more effective than any form of chlorine or bromine and leave no carcinogenic residuals or disinfection by products. Because the Advanced Oxidation Process is so powerful, concentrations of less than 1 ppm are more effective than chemical biocide or pure ozone concentrations of 5 ppm, which destroy equipment.The Advanced Oxidation Process that the AOPureTM Insitu system creates is so powerful that bacteria and viruses cannot mutate and become immune to the biocidal effect. The outer shell of the bacteria and viruses are penetrated and the DNA is destroyed. Because of the strength of the biocide that is created by the AOPureTMsystem it will provide Legionella control.


  • Want Legionella Control ?
  • Want more Reliable Treatment of your Cooling Tower water?

  • Want to Decrease up to 75% of Blow down and Increase Cycles of Concentration to at least 8?
  • Want more Efficient Heat Transfer/Energy Savings?

  • Want to Eliminate Harsh Chemicals, Storage and Handling?

  • Want Safer, Greener Technology in your Cooling Tower?

  • Want Easier Maintenance?

  • Want a Turn Key Operation/ No Staff Headaches?

  • Want Solutions without Additional Capital Outlay?

Don’t buy equipment or chemicals—Demand Performance!

Cooling towers treated with the AOPureTM Insitu AOP have better heat transfer efficiency, reducing energy use by 10% to 20%. The AOPureTM also lowers blowdown volumes by as much as 75%, eliminates chemical use, and reduces water loss from evaporation due to better heat transfer. Using the AOPureTM system also reduces maintenance by eliminating frequent cleaning by eliminating biofilm buildup, increases life span of equipment and increases reliability. Reducing down time can be critical in many operations.

The use of the AOPureTM Insitu AOP in cooling towers is not only good for the environment but also good for your bottom line. We can treat the water in your cooling towers with no capital investment in equipment. You pay a monthly charge that guarantees a substantial reduction in overall costs of operation. Contact us today to learn about our 90 day no obligation evaluation trial. We guarantee that your costs will never exceed your savings.

Many studies and articles have been published discussing ozone usage in Cooling tower applications for its:

  • Elimination of legionnaire’s disease as well as other water-borne bacteria and viruses
  • Prevention of the formation of algae, reducing fouling and increasing heat-transfer efficiency, thus reducing use and water loss due to evaportion
  • Reduction in blow down by at least 75%, reducing water costs
  • Reduction in total operation and maintenance costs
  • The AOPureTM Insitu AOP is more efficient than just Ozone. It is also easier and less costly to operate, requires less maintenance and costs considerably less to install than gaseous ozone treatment.

See brochure: AOPure Cooling Tower INSITU Brochure


View short video of a clean 2400 ton cooling tower at a Redbourne property in Montreal:  MONTREAL COOLING TOWER VIDEO

The building manager gave this statement in Oct 2015:“Lacking management time, we don’t collect specific operational cost reduction related to the operations of the Insitu-O3, however since the installation of the system (2009), we can confirm elimination of biocide costs (go green), annual maintenance cost ($8,000) for the heat exchangers, an increase in energy efficiency due to an enhanced thermal exchange as well as clean tubes for the condensed water portion of the chiller.”

During peak season, mid-July, with the assistance of Ashland, we conduct a Legionella test.  The results have been negative since 2009.