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1. AOPureTM In Situ technology produces an effective mixture of oxidants (oxygen radicals, ozone, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals,etc) in the water, from the water. These oxidants are produced at the Nano bubble level and persist in the water column for days- not minutes as with traditional Ozone or chemical treatment.

2.  We guarantee a minimum of eight (8) Cycles of Concentration (C of C’s) in cooling towers, thus reducing blowdown by 75% or more compared to average performance of two (2) C of C’s.
3.  Our (AOP) technology is a tested, proven and patented “Green” alternative to dangerous and costly traditional “Chemical” water treatment.

  • Your cost of service will be less than your current operational costs.
  • As an “appliance”, our system is non-invasive, requires no dangerous chemical storage on your property, and produces effective water treatment and pathogen control with a minimum of energy.
  • Each, scaleable 24-48 vdc unit (500 tons capacity) operates at less than 1400 watts.
  • Water conservation can achieve or surpass 50% savings in potable and wastewater charges.
  • Corporate risk is reduced through Legionella control in property water systems.

4.  Our AOP systems provide guaranteed results with No Capital Investment– we offer monitored water treatment services, with a performance guarantee.

5.  All maintenance and repair is included in one economical monthly charge.

6.  Acquisition of our unique technology will show your commitment to environmentally sound resource sustainability.